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… I read it in one hungry sitting… The two lovers tangled in a game of cat and mouse… Highly recommend, it’ll move your blood and your heart.. .




Welcome to the secret world of Countess and Kazek.

Kazek the Cossack is a romance and also a naughty book, embellished with a tablespoon of humour and a pinch of surrealism. This book describes the secret world of Countess and Kazek. They are both free and don’t hesitate to burn their wings as they pursue their fantasies between Paris and Luanda. When they’re not together, they talk about their desires and dreams through elegant letters. Never vulgar, full of humour, this French touch novel describes the quest for instant carnal love where the only rules are those dictated by desire. Is this love? An eternal question.

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Accompany our two heroes on their journey from a porte-cochère to a medieval donjon, from an elegant letter to a night of revenge, a journey guided by a clumsy Destiny and lecherous gods who get their kicks observing human frailties.


Extract of the novel: “Monsieur, I remember our first rendez‑vous and the many which followed after that secret night in the park. It created a desire, a suspense, an expectation. I remember walking breathlessly to the porte cochère, stumbling in the dark. I remember that second of hesitation before we kissed, your manly gestures, your experienced caresses, your hands on my breasts. My god they were sensitive…”


It’s absurd to say a mirror reflects. It doesn’t think, it throws our doubts back at us without pity. Cracked or intact, it may deform, transform, smear or be clear, but it doesn’t think.

Enter an erotic labyrinth where poetry and mischief become as one, and parallel lines finally cross. You will travel in X-class from Paris to Luanda, experiencing the perfume of a free-living Countess and the extravagance of a Cossack who goes by the name of Kazek.


The author

Théo Trifard has written six theater plays, all of which have been performed. He toured his one-man show based on Albert Camus’ book The Outsider in France, the United States and Africa.

As an actor, he has appeared alongside Nick Nolte, Emir Kusturica and Hiam Abbass directed by Neil Jordan, Kier Atherton and Stéphanie Duvivier.

He has also played Father Christmas on a motorbike, delivered telegrams on a bike, served as a guinea pig and filled cavities as a tooth doctor.

Kazek the Cossack is his first novel

Contact: trifard@yahoo.com

The translators

“Kazek dit le Cosaque” by Theo Trifard was translated from French to English by Jill Trifard (English translator living in Paris) and Nicky Rebelo (South African actor and writer living in Cape Town).

They are still very good friends!

How to get the book ?

French & English versions (Kazek dit le Cosaque & Kazek the Cossack) are available online at main online book platforms.

(Bookelis, Fnac.com, kobo.com Ebook, carrefour, Librairie Decitre, Gallimard Montreal, Barnesandnoble and in many others.

E-BOOK: 2.99 €ur French & English

PAPERBOOK (French version only): 19€

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